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29 Dec 2016

Discovering Thai Culture in Darker Times

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Seek experiences, not things, seek culture, not just another bar serving frozen cocktails, seek human relationships, not just another good photo op and a clever hashtag. With the recent passing of Thailand's beloved King we saw a country in mourning. Most of the foreign travelers and expats who reside in Thailand were respectful, but there [...]

12 Jul 2016

Teach in Thailand: Embracing the Unknown

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  When I decided to come to teach in Thailand through GeoVisions, it took me 6 months to fill out the application. I always came up with an excuse as to why I couldn’t apply. This was not a small decision to make, and I needed to be sure I was ready to take on the challenge. [...]

16 May 2016

Top Reasons to Au Pair Abroad

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Four Reasons Why Being An Au Pair Abroad in The Netherlands With GeoVisions Was The Best Decision I've Ever Made Emily became very close the Dutch children she watched while working as an au pair in the Netherlands It isn't every day you pack your life into a few suitcases and move to a [...]

19 Mar 2016

Au Pair in Australia with GeoVisions

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Caroline is a 21 year old Au Pair from Walnut Creek, California.  Recently she landed her dream job as an Au Pair in Australia through GeoVisions.  Here's a short excerpt from her journal on what life is like Down Under. When faced with the big question should I do it? Whatever it may be, and you [...]

26 Jan 2016

Work Abroad: Wilka’s Adventures
in the United States

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Hello- my name is Wilka.  I am from Brazil. I decided to participate in GeoVisions' Work and Travel programs to improve my English, gain global career experience, and learn about the American culture. I have spent the last 10 years working in the hospitality industry in the U.S., and credit my Work Abroad experiences as a major influence in my career path. [...]

20 Jan 2016

Work Abroad in Spain: Kendra’s Story

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Hola mis amigos cariños! My name is Kendra from Mesa, Arizona. Adventure is right around the corner with GeoVisions. In my senior year at Arizona State University, I stumbled upon a volunteer abroad flier and was reminded of a dream of mine to visit and live in Spain. I'd been wanting to travel to Spain [...]

27 Nov 2015

Working Abroad in Italy: “My Heart Lies With Italy”

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La dolce vita is real! That is all I have to say about my wonderful time working abroad in Italy.  For three months, I au paired and tutored a family in English through GeoVisions Walk & Talk program. Working abroad in Italy was by far the best experience I have had to date. During this [...]

20 Sep 2015

Au Pair in Spain: Maya’s Adventures

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Hello! My name is Maya Huth and I've always been a traveler at heart.  I'm currently working as an Au Pair in Spain through GeoVisions. Maya got a warm welcome from her host family, on her first day working as an au pair in Spain Deep breath, count to three, and out of [...]

15 Sep 2015

Teach Abroad in Thailand:
Sarah’s Suggestions

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What do you do after grad school? Apparently, give away all your possessions and fly to Thailand. Or at least that’s what I did. Sarah in a pineapple field during her first week teaching English in Thailand I was working at a library to pay my grad school bills, having that cliché post-grad [...]

21 Jul 2015

Work Abroad: My Life as an Intern
in Thailand

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"Get an internship," they said. "Work 8 to 5 at an office all day," they said. "Make connections and get experience related to your job field," they said. So I said "OK -- I’ll enter the adult world and get an internship, but I’m doing it my own way. I’m going to Thailand." In the beginning [...]