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Before I left home, I wanted to see as much of Italy as I could. Now that I’m here I have a purpose.  I’m here to help this family and we’re in this together. Everyday is a learning experience. I now crave the immersion … this community is my new home. And what I will leave behind is that my host parents will be able to have a conversation with their children in my language! How could life get any better?
Jesse Fell, English Tutor - Italy


No landmark beats a life-changing experience.

So about GeoVisions … We’re basically a small family.  And we’re picky about who becomes part of our family.  We’re committed to providing you all the support you need and want.  We have years of resources that will assure you of a rewarding international experience.

Founded in 2001, GeoVisions’ Co-Founders bring over 117 years of combined experience in international education and cultural exchange. At the same time, we’re young enough to know what’s needed in the twenty-first century, and old enough to have learned what’s not needed.  As one of our founders recently said, “Sometimes it isn’t what’s “in the cloud” but what’s “below the cloud” that makes the difference.”

GeoVisions carefully screens partners around the globe to help prepare participants for living in their host country and in their host community.  We provide sustainable volunteer abroad projects, teach abroad and au pair abroad paid jobs, internships and the J1 Visa US Work and Travel program designated by the United States Department of State.

A quote in the Blog sums it up:

GeoVisions’ programs range from the traditional experiential programs abroad to some of the most unique and enticing programs listed on


We know the importance of international education and cultural exchange, and we understand the value these experiences bring to your life and the lives of everyone in your host community.

The GeoVisions Mission Statement

GeoVisions is committed to help individuals develop global skills to succeed in the twenty-first century. These skills will ultimately lead to greater cooperation and understanding among nations and peoples of the world. We are committed to treating every person on a GeoVisions program with respect, and devoting our energy to helping participants meet their individual and collective goals.