What are we doing at GeoVisions?

 Touching the future by teaching abroad.
Recognizing, accepting and sharing cultural diversity.
 Learning a new language to enable more communication between cultures.
Providing quality childcare, making it possible for parents to get and keep jobs.

Volunteer Abroad

There are so many unique opportunities at GeoVisions for the volunteer inside all of us.

To be successful in the 21st century requires skills that an earlier generation never imagined. There is a global need for students, office staff, Tourist Police officers, hotel staff and business owners to learn or improve their English skills.  Conversational English does not require formal teaching credentials.  What is required is a willingness to have fun helping others.

Why are there so many opportunities for you to volunteer abroad tutoring English with GeoVisions?

  • Most of the international business interactions that happen in different parts of the world use English as a platform.
  • English is also the language of technology and science, especially computer science, genetics, and medicine.
  • Ultimately English makes it easy to access and understand other cultures. When the language barrier is lifted, there is more space for cooperation, for empathy, and for common ground.
  • The percentage of web pages with English content is estimated to be over 50%, while the next language most used is German and amounts to less than 10% of pages.

Each teaching assignment is different, and your experience could vary from teaching a whole classroom to one-on-one conversations.  Our own Tutor English To A Family program provides live-in home tutors for welcoming host families wanting to learn or improve their English.  Tutor a family English for 1, 2 or 3 months and you’ll get your room and board covered with a screened host family in 18-different countries.

Summer camp counselors enjoy a summer of activity with various age-ranges of children, playing football, swimming, being creative with art projects and music along with speaking to the campers in English.

Language isn’t your thing?  Then why not assist on medical projects?  All GeoVisions programs are rich with opportunity to learn about another country, it’s people and the food. Ah yes … the glorious food.

The Volunteer Abroad programs at GeoVisions are not supported by external funding, but by the volunteers themselves.  The fee you pay covers a number of key services, and means that GeoVisions never has to pass any costs on to the projects, businesses, camps or host families.

With GeoVisions you are guaranteed a worthwhile volunteer project and a professional support network to guide you through it.  This means you spend less time organizing your trip and more time making a difference in the real world.

Get Paid To Teach English Abroad

In her classroom our speculations ranged the world. She breathed curiosity into us so that each day we came with new questions, new ideas, cupped and shielded in our hands like captured fireflies. When she left us, we were sad; but the light did not go out. She had written her indelible signature on our minds. I have had lots of teachers who taught me soon forgotten things; but only a few who created in me a new energy, a new direction. I suppose I am the unwritten manuscript of such a person.

What deathless power lies in the hands of such a teacher!

John Steinbeck, recalling his favorite teacher


Looking for a fun and inexpensive way to travel?  Get paid to teach abroad.  You’ll get a guaranteed job, and a great salary with good benefits. Take the internationally recognized TESOL course (onsite or online) and many times your salary will increase!

Pre-screened, guaranteed paid teaching jobs are available year ’round if you are interested in teaching abroad in Thailand, South Korea, Myanmar or China. Each teaching position is full time, and includes a great salary, benefits and orientation.

Are you already a full-time classroom teacher in your country?  If you only have summer months off and would like to travel and get paid to teach abroad for 1 or 2 months … you can do that in Thailand.  This opportunity is exclusive to full time teachers who need to return to their classroom in the fall, but would enjoy this experience in the summer.

Get Paid To Au Pair Abroad

Do you love children?  Then become an International Au Pair and get paid while you travel!  Becoming an Au Pair abroad provides an opportunity to travel overseas and live with a host family in exchange for providing childcare. Meet new people, experience a new culture and travel extensively all while earning a great salary with benefits.

The two Walk and Talk programs (Italy and Spain) also provide a salary for tutoring children in English and providing a few hours of babysitting each week.  If you excel at childcare, consider an Au Pair position abroad and earn a good salary, sometimes with great benefits. Earn money while you travel as an au pair for 3 to 12 months with plenty of time to travel. 

J-1 Visa Summer Work and Travel Exchange Program

University students from over fifty countries come to the United States on the holiday between the end of their academic year, and the beginning of the next year, on a cultural exchange program, which allows them to take seasonal positions with American employers.

Typical jobs include:

  • Waiters and waitresses
  • Housekeepers
  • General maintenance
  • Ride operators at theme parks
  • Cashiers and store clerks
  • Ski and beach resort positions

Most GeoVisions host employers have had foreign students work for them before, and most of our employers have selected GeoVisions for many years.  All of our employers arrange housing for students, and, before you leave your home country, you will know your general type of job, your wages, and the cost of housing.  They are selected because they have a special interest in helping students learn about the United States.

Programs For Seasonal Host Employers

GeoVisions recruits university students from around the world who can come to the USA to learn about our country and work in seasonal jobs during their annual school vacation.

Under the terms of their J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa, students are allowed to work for up to four months, but not many students can actually work that long as they need to return to classes when school begins.  Host Employers on this Cultural Exchange program also commit to helping visiting students learn about the people, culture, history and customs of the people of the United States.

We screen all students for language ability. Not all are excellent speakers, but we know the levels of each student and can help you assign them to appropriate jobs.

Our students are treated just like your American workers. They must be paid the same as you would an American in that same job. They must be handled the same regarding overtime policies. And, they should be covered on your workers’s compensation policy.

You will find that most of our students are very hard workers, and they have good customer service skills.

After they work for you, the students are allowed to travel for thirty days in the US before returning home to resume their studies.