Juliana Suarez was an English language tutor to a family in Italy last summer through GeoVisions and is our March Alumni of the month! Juliana is an elementary teacher in Texas and is not only passionate about travel, but integrates what she’s experienced abroad into her own classroom. Watch Juliana’s slideshow to see more of her experience in Italy and read her interview with us below…

What music should we be listening to as we read your answers?

Gwen Stefani- What are you waiting for?

Our motto is ‘Experiences are more important than landmarks’ – in a couple of sentences, share an experience you had on your program (or a weekend adventuring on your own) that stands out to you.

I felt like I had known the family for a long time the first time I met them. There was so much trust, respect and friendship. What really stood out was the long lasting relationships I made with the family I stayed with and their family and friends.

There are great travel apps out there that help you convert currency, translate words or menus and mapping apps. If you used technology abroad – what was your ‘go-to’ app or platform while traveling?

My go to app (when my phone was working) was google translate.I was able to speak and translate, it was a life saver.

What would be the advantages and disadvantages of living permanently where you had your GeoVisions program?

march alumni of the monthThere would be so many advantages if I could live in Italy: the lifestyle, food, culture, the family and friends I made. One of the disadvantages would be to pass the learning curve of the language barrier, to find a job and to leave my family and friends.

What sense do you value most while traveling?


Describe the most interesting person you met on one of your travels.

I met a fellow language tutor while abroad, it turns out we have a similar life story and we are both teachers. She lives in a different state and if it wasn’t for GeoVisions I would have never met her. We are now friends and plan to travel together in the future. We got to travel together on a weekend in Italy, and we had so much fun.

Did you ever get lost while traveling? If so, tell us about it.

Yes, I did. It was my first time getting on a train and I accidentally took the wrong one. I was supposed to go to Turin and ended up in Milan. I took the opportunity to see the beautiful station, watch people walk around coming from all over the world, and understood really quickly why it is the called the Fashion Capital of the world. I was able to use English and Spanish to communicate, and I figure out how to get back to the train I was supposed to take. I was glad I got lost because I got to see a new city, and of course learned from my mistake and figure out it is not such a big deal, and what to do in those cases. Everything worked out!

What are your plans now that you are back home? Any great new adventures you’ll be embarking on?

My dream was always to go to Italy. I thought it was going to be a one time thing, until I went. I knew I was going to love it, but I never though I was going to feel like I had been there before. Now, I plan to go there again and again. I also want to continue being a language tutor and go to other countries.

You can follow more of Juliana’s teaching wisdom on Instagram and also read her featured article about her experience in Italy. 

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