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29 Apr 2015

Teaching Abroad in Thailand?
Pack This, Not That!

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Are you teaching abroad in Thailand and not sure what to pack? GeoVisions recently checked in with Dan Raza, a Quinnipiac University senior who has been studying at Chiang Mai University in Northern Thailand since January. Here are some of his suggestions on what to pack, and what to leave at home if you're teaching abroad. [...]

26 Apr 2015

Tutor English Abroad:
We Are GeoVisions!

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At GeoVisions we believe it takes a great person to give up the comforts of their home and tutor English abroad. We also believe they continue to do amazing things when they return home. Recently we checked in with some past participants to see what they’re doing now and how teaching abroad has continued to [...]

12 Apr 2015

Behind the Scenes: Teach Abroad In Thailand Video

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We hope you’ve gotten to see, and love, our Teach Abroad in Thailand video below as much as we do. We believe this video (click below) really gets to the why someone would want to teach abroad. The expression and emotion captured in both the students and teachers is priceless.   We thought it [...]

2 Apr 2015

Susan Syracuse: I Teach Abroad My Way

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Last year, Susan Syracuse of Tucson, Arizona signed up with GeoVisions to teach abroad in Italy.  For two months, she would be living with and teaching a family English. Susan enjoys spending time with her host family in Italy "I don't know any 72-year-olds who would do something crazy like that," said many [...]

16 Mar 2015

Working Abroad? Let’s Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Worldwide

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To all our friends at home, and those working abroad- Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It’s a day to remember Saint Patrick, who is widely known as the "Apostle of Ireland," and to celebrate the heritage and culture of the Irish.  However, you definitely don’t have to be Irish to take part in the festivities.  After [...]

13 Mar 2015

ESL And Beyond: A Love For Learning Languages

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Graciela Duperrault is originally from Paraguay.  She came to the United States (Wisconsin) when she was 17 as a foreign exchange student.  Her goal was to learn English. But ESL wasn’t enough for Graciela who says, “learning languages is my passion.”   “In college, I always liked foreign languages. I wanted to learn as many [...]

3 Mar 2015

Stuck in a Comfort Zone? Try Tutoring Abroad

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The famous philosopher Saint Augustine once said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” Dennis Guseman may not be a philosopher, but he is a professor at California State University San Marcos, and agrees with St. Augustine’s wisdom. He says, "traveling and tutoring abroad lets you learn [...]

25 Feb 2015

Teaching Abroad: For the Young & Young At Heart

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“You should travel abroad right after graduating from college,” is a common phrase I hear from friends, family and professors. People constantly tell me that will be the only time I will have to travel.  After that comes jobs, family and “adult responsibilities.” As a senior at Quinnipiac University, I plan on taking their advice [...]

24 Feb 2015

Working Abroad: Leave Your Camera at Home!

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Have you ever tried to capture a moment in your life through a camera? Have you ever wanted to take a perfect photo of your adventure working abroad, so you could remember it forever? For me, capturing that perfect moment usually never happens in one try. I consider the angle, the lighting, the “oh no someone [...]