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Randy LeGrant is the Executive Director of GeoVisions. At GeoVisions we believe experiences are more important than landmarks.
3 Feb 2015

Teach English In A Local School In Barcelona

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Have you always wanted to teach English in Spain and live like a local?  This volunteer teaching assignment is in a regular community school about 40 minutes outside of Barcelona. This isn't a private “language school” but a regular community school where the local families send their children each day.  You will teach students and faculty in English and coordinate [...]

29 Jan 2015

We Are Back In Our Office After Winter Storm Juno

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We're back! And it feels great to have all of us sitting at our desks drinking hot coffee and sharing stories of the last two days. With the snow and the high winds it just made travel so difficult we were closed for two-days. But there are people on the phone, lots of typing and [...]

24 Jan 2015

Our Opinion –The Best Travel Video Of All Time

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Well, we're sitting around here with our feet up.  Not because that's what we usually do but because we're taking a forced holiday from the office thanks to Winter Storm Juno.  How'd they come up with the name Juno anyway?  Here in New England, along the shore, we're supposed to get 24-30 inches of snow with [...]

20 Jan 2015

Why Work Abroad, Not How To Work Abroad That Matters

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Recently, I declared 2015 at GeoVisions as the year of “Why.” Why? All of us who work here and all of the people who work with us abroad know “What” we do.  We provide cultural and language exchange opportunities to our customers, to our host families and host communities abroad.  If you look over our [...]

13 Jan 2015

Best Volunteer Abroad Programs For The New Year

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Happy New Year! It is the time of New Year’s resolutions and I’m famous for them.  Things I will (and will not) do in the coming year.  I don’t know about you, but my resolutions last about 2-weeks.  By the time I get into February, I’ve forgotten all about them. A few days ago, thinking [...]

29 Dec 2014

Be An Au Pair In China

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... and your host family in China will assist you with your airfare, and your visa fees will also be paid.  Included also is your orientation and 4-6 hours each week of Mandarin lessons.  Of course you will receive private accommodation, all of your meals and one and one-half days off each week. If you [...]

28 Dec 2014

Cuba? Yeah … Cuba!

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A real adventure has joined the family of programs at GeoVisions. If you live outside the United States, it is now easier than ever to teach English in Cuba. And if you live in the United States, the program is available to you, but you do have to go through some hoops to make it happen. [...]

27 Dec 2014

New Medical Internship In South Africa

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But that's not the BEST part!  The hospital where medical and pharmacy interns will practice on this medical internship in South Africa, is a five-hour drive from Johannesburg to Hoedspruit, a small rural town just outside of Kruger National Park.  You will live at a lodge that prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner for you each day [...]

8 Dec 2014

Paid Teach In Thailand During The Summer

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How many teachers are out there looking for paid summer teacher programs?  If you are one of them looking around for a way to have a meaningful teaching experience this summer (and get paid) look no further.  This program is the "bomb-diggity" of teach programs during the summer months.  While you are away from your [...]

25 Nov 2014

Being Thankful

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Happy Thanksgiving!  Here in the United States we are celebrating our annual Thanksgiving holiday.  We hope, if you're traveling, that you're out of bad weather and safe.  And if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving ... we hope at this time of year your mind wanders toward winding down 2014 and having high expectations for 2015. The [...]