Your student workers are here in the United States as exchange visitors. They have come here to learn about our culture, our customs, our history, our local differences.  Your role as a Host Employer is to help them discover what makes our country special.  We ask you to arrange something for your exchange students once a month. Use your imagination! What do YOU want them to learn about us as individuals, and as a  country?

Here are some ideas we have gathered from host employers:

  • Visits to museums, zoos, theme parks, local historical societies and the local chamber of commerce
  • Concerts, sporting events, movies and the theater
  • Shopping excursions; be sure to visit local malls and outlet shops
  • Shop Local; visit independent restaurants, shops, and farmers markets.
  • Explore US foods and take part in US traditions: attend barbecues, picnics and visit ethnic restaurants
  • Have your US workers or friends host students in their home for a meal.
  • Have them cook something traditionally American.
  • Celebrate US holidays by attending parades and holiday events.
  • Check local bulletin and community boards for meet up groups
  • Arrange for students to play sports and join the local recreational sports teams
  • Celebrate an Ethnic Holiday
  • Plan a road trip and go sightseeing. Look into local bus tours and specials.
  • Attend state and local fairs, festivals, block parties and antique car shows
  • Go camping; roast marshmallows around the campfire and go hiking
  • Visit your local library and learn about local history
  • Visit beaches and parks
  • Ask students to share their own culture; consider multicultural trivia night, diversity roundtables, or cultural dress and costume nights.
  • Visit US religious sites; Buddhist Temples, Synagogues, Mosques, Churches, etc.
  • Explore multiculturalism and diversity in the US – try looking at local universities for multicultural clubs or speakers
  • Do you belong to a service club like the Rotary? Invite students to attend and speak at a meeting
  • Arrange for a volunteer project, maybe working at a homeless shelter, or soup kitchen. Involve your local staff as well.
  • Search out local yard sales and flea markets