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With over 4,500+ Alumni and counting, GeoVisions Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity and all funding from our Foundation supports GeoVisions’ participants and programs.

What Else? Our investment in you never ends.

Every member of our Alumni Community receives a log in to our Free Global Professional Search job finding service that allows our Alums to quickly and easily create a winning portfolio to find jobs globally and in your field. But that’s not all.  When you become a GeoVisions alum you will also have the opportunity to be involved as much or as little as you like and to earn extra money!

  • Stay in touch and in the loop as our experiences evolve
  • Share your stories and how your life is unfolding after your GeoVisions experience
  • Earn extra cash as you remain involved with GeoVisions
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Seek Experiences Star

Did your GeoVisions experience improve your self confidence?

86% answered “Yes!” to this question on our Alumni outcomes survey which was taken in June 2016 going back 10 years.

Teach in Thailand

Amazing Tools To Continue To Build Your Future

  • Free global professional search for jobs you want, where you want
  • Become an alumni ambassador and earn extra money
  • Be an active alumni on campus, where you work and live or online
  • Provide quotes, Blog posts, photos and video
  • Share your stories with the world
  • Request official certificates

Teach in Thailand

Did your GeoVisions experience help you get a job?

34% of our Alumni answered this question “Yes!” on the survey. “My experience with GeoVisions is what led me to my career today. Everyone needs to learn about others, and themselves, by putting yourself in an unfamiliar and exciting environment abroad. You won’t regret it.”

GeoVisions program


Over 4,000 volunteers, teachers, au pairs and interns chose GeoVisions!

You are one of them! Join our community and use the hashtags #SeekExperiences and #SheSeeks on all your social media to help us create a movement!

  • It is free to join and free to be involved in any of our activities
  • The GeoVisions Alumni Association is part of the GeoVisions Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, designated as such by the IRS
  • Be involved as little or as much as you wish
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