Purchase Additional GeoVisions Insurance Here

Add Insurance Coverage Before Or After Your Program Dates

Your GeoVisions insurance on the Summer Work and Travel Program includes insurance coverage from the Start Date on your Form DS-2019 to the End Date on your Form DS-2019 (note: certain agents may have included additional insurance in your program fee, and they will have informed you if they have).  We encourage you to have insurance coverage for the time you may be traveling in the United States before and/or after Program Dates on your Form DS-2019.

You may have purchased a separate travel insurance policy on your own, but, if not, you can extend your coverage by completing the form below.

If you are arriving early (before the Start Date on your Form DS-2019), you can purchase fifteen (15) days of additional coverage (effective fifteen (15) days prior to the Start Date on your Form DS-2019). If you are traveling in the USA after the End Date on your Form DS-2019, and want to purchase additional coverage, you can purchase an additional fifteen (15) or thirty (30) days coverage after the End Date on your Form DS-2019.

Please note that your coverage will end once you leave the United States. Your request to purchase additional insurance must be received by GeoVisions at least ten (10) days before your Start Date (for coverage before your program) or at least ten (10) days before your End Date (for coverage after your program).

Be safe … purchase additional coverage either on your own or through GeoVisions. Safe travels!

Note:  Insurance extensions are ONLY available for the time periods below (e.g. if you are traveling for 7 days following the End Date on your Form DS-2019 you should purchase the 15 Day Package).


If you have any questions, please email support@geovisions.org