Health Information and Insurance

You are covered by a private insurance company from the Start Date until the End Date on your DS-2019 Form. You may be covered by GeoVisions insurance, or on a policy arranged by your home country agent. Be sure to collect your insurance information from your agency before you depart for the United States.

Name: Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC)
Policy #: TACT 0112251/4
Phone: 1-877-256-8298

On the website or over the phone, you’ll find information on doctors or “providers in your area,” a summary of what is covered, and helpful information on understanding your insurance policy.

If you go to a facility or person on the providers list, the health care provider will sometimes bill your insurance company directly. If not, you will need to complete an insurance claim form and send it to the insurance company. You will likely be reimbursed for all covered expenses if the cost of them is reasonable and customary. Normally, all you have to pay is your “deductible” per visit (unless you go to the emergency room – the fee may be more for the emergency room). For drug prescriptions filled at pharmacies, you will need to pay for medication, and then submit a claim form.

Your health insurance coverage through GeoVisions Summer Work/Travel is valid for the dates listed on your DS-2019 Form, which are the dates you have told us you will be working. If you are traveling in the U.S. following your job, you may purchase an insurance extension by contacting GeoVisions or by clicking here.

Forms to download

ID Card

Summary of Benefits

Claim Form

Participant Information

Policy Information

Doctor’s Offices, Hospitals, Clinics, and Emergency Rooms

Medical fees depend on the doctor, the type of facility, and its location. In certain areas of the country, especially large cities, medical care will be significantly more expensive. Hospital Emergency Room (“ER”) doctors are expensive. Only visit them in urgent circumstances.  Walk-in clinics or urgent care are available all over the U.S. They offer an alternative to seeing a private physician or going to a hospital emergency room. They tend to be less costly, and for people who do not have a continuing relationship with a doctor, they can be a good choice. Please review your insurance information for details on coverage and claims procedures.


Dentists usually have private practices and are expensive. Your insurance policy does not cover regular dental care. Read your policy carefully before you have any non-emergency treatment done to your teeth.