Becoming an au pair in some countries is a “right of passage.” It’s what one does to travel and to earn back some of the expense of traveling.

While no one really makes a living being an au pair, surprisingly, when you consider the program fees, airfare and other expenses of international travel, au pairs can earn more money than they spend, especially when you consider the value of the room and board.

The au pair position is a serious one. Yes, you do get paid to travel. But your main responsibility are the children you care for. Your host family will want to know how responsible you are. They will want to know about your previous experience with children under your care. The safety and well-being of the children you care for is paramount. But the family is also interested in who you really are, because you are going to be in a position to influence the children’s lives.

Add this all up with developing more self-confidence and becoming more independent. You will soon discover that living with a family in their own country will give you an amazing insight into their culture and values.

If you enjoy helping children with homework, helping keep the children’s rooms and play areas clean, preparing snacks and meals for children and dropping them off or picking them up from school or their activities, being an au pair abroad is definitely for you.

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