You know exactly what you need for your Internship and how much you have to do for credit and the experience you want to make the experience your own.

Tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen.

With GeoVisions, you can participate in a Global Internship in Dublin, Malta or Thailand. These extraordinary locations offer professional placements in a wide range of career fields.

By far the most sought after location for a Global Internship at GeoVisions is Malta. Choose from marketing, e-gaming, pharmacy, engineering, photography and film making, architecture, fashion design, dietician and nutrition, or hospitality and hotel management. Each Internship is custom-designed to fit your needs and those of your school where you will receive credit.

Those participating in Internships in Dublin, Ireland and all over Thailand have worked in accounting, communications, engineering, healthcare, import/export, non-profit, marketing, publishing, sales, tourism, finance, arts, fashion design, hotel management, information technology, media, recreation, social studies, transportation, human resources, journalism and law. And that’s for starters.

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