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No landmark beats a life-changing experience.

Why does GeoVisions offer so many unique experiences abroad?  Why do we maintain those experiences are more important than landmarks?  It’s because we have learned over the last ten years that many travelers expect to volunteer in the country they visit.  And, they want to work there, too.  Furthermore, when they return home, they expect — and are reaping — tangible personal and professional benefits from their time abroad.

GeoVisions participants are looking for a specific kind of travel immersion — one that is about making a kind of (temporary) home within the culture they’ve chosen to experience.  Our participants tell us that it no longer matters what they do, it matters why they do it.  Making bigger memories, filling journals with photos and inspiring and sharable content.  Sharing all of that with the world.

I wanted something real, something authentic. I wanted to get to know the locals. I wanted to wake up everyday and feel a connection. I made a difference in my community.
Brian Fergusson
When I started recognizing the people at my subway stop, or when the waiters in the cafe near my host family started to hand me my coffee when I came in — those were the times I started realizing that my host community was my home. And that was the most beautiful feeling of all.
Sara Peterson
94% put their volunteer and teach experience on their resume.
83% say their program improved their resume.
85% said their program was an interview talking point.
88% told us their program helped them get a job.
75% said their program affected their career path.
97% said their trip improved self-confidence.
What GeoVisions Participants Report Bringing Back

Can we turn your idea into a reality?

This is not something you will do and then come home and forget. This experience will last a lifetime. In fact, this experience will play an enormous role as you design your future.

Many of us are looking for an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. Still others are looking for an alternative to the traditional post-graduate employment path. Teach in Thailand with GeoVisions and those opportunities are woven into the fabric of your daily life.

Our goal for those who choose to go abroad with us is not providing opportunities for you to “work hard, play hard.” Our goal is that the work and play is indistinguishable.