Welcome to your one stop student resource center! Here is where you can find all sorts of information for your time here in the United States!

ARRIVING TO THE UNITED STATES – information to help you understand what to expect as you arrive to the US

BIKE SAFETY – Keeping yourself safe while getting around town

BUDGETING YOUR MONEY – how to budget your money while you are in the US

SPARKING CULTURAL IDEAS – getting out in the community and making the most of your experience in the USA

HOUSING INFORMATION – information on housing standards, deposits and leases

INFORMATION ON YOUR I-94 – information on your I-94 admissions record

TRAVELING WITHIN THE UNITED STATES – tips for getting around in the United States

INSURANCE INFORMATION – medical insurance information

JOB INFORMATION – process on how to submit new and second job forms to GeoVisions

PROHIBITED JOBS – jobs that are NOT ALLOWED on your program

LIFE IN THE UNITED STATES – what to expect during your time in the United States

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS – information about applying for your social security numbers

TAXES – information about taxes in the United States

TRAVELLING ABROAD DURING YOUR PROGRAM – Information on steps you need to take before leaving the USA during your program

UNITED STATES LAWS – Important information about laws to understand in the United States

INFORMATION ON YOUR W4 FORM – This is the form you complete when you first start your job. See information here on how to correctly complete the Employee’s Withholding allowance certificate

To see more detailed information – please visit the student handbook here!