Walk and Talk in Spain

Walk and Talk in Spain

An Au Pair Hybrid. Some childcare mixed in with a little tutoring.

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Since child care jobs in Spain can sometimes be demanding, we have created this truly unique program mixing AuPair (child care) duties with tutoring the family in conversational English.  This program requires around 20 hours per week of your time.  The emphasis is on tutoring but there are also AuPair duties as well. Participants are rewarded with a weekly stipend to help make your time in Spain even more memorable.  This is why we call the program “Walk” (babysit with the kids) and “Talk” (tutor conversational English.)

This program incorporates a lot of fun and gives you a way to travel and make some spending money at the same time.

As childcare jobs in Spain go, there is no better way to experience life in Spain, not to mention the glittering beaches, flamenco dancers, pans of steaming paella and pitchers of Sangria. Be ready to get to know and love the everyday life in Spain, enjoy a second home and meet many new friends, become more independent and confident, learn or improve your Spanish, discover new interests, put your organizational and creative skills to the test, get to know yourself better, and add an international work experience reference to your resume.

  • AuPair? Some of the time. Tutor? Some of the time. You can even combine the time you tutor with the time you help with the children! For 20 hours each week, you help the children in your host family with conversational English and provide extra babysitting (even walking the children to and from school) in exchange for free room and board and a weekly monetary allowance of €40 per week!

  • Aside from earning a little spending money while you travel, this program will allow you to have the opportunity to learn more about children and influence their lives. The Walk and Talk program will help you develop more self-confidence and become more independent. Living with a family in their own country gives you an amazing insight into that county’s culture, values and people. You get to participate in the best of both worlds … some tutoring of English and a little babysitting, keeping your time in Spain fresh.

  • It is possible, depending on the location of families, to place you and a friend fairly close to each other at the same time.
  • 1, 2 or 3 months.
  • $869
  • Surprisingly, when program fees and other expenses paid are compared with pocket money earned plus the value of room and board, Walk & Talk participants spend only a fraction of what a normal trip to Spain would cost.

    Did you know this Walk & Talk program is one of the most affordable ways to experience international travel even if you have to pay program fees and flight expenses?

    To see how the math works, press the red button below.  See for yourself that being a Walk & Talk participant can be one of the most affordable ways to experience international education, work and travel, while having the experience of a lifetime!

    How Much Do I Really Make?



  • Travel for less because you’re receiving a weekly spending allowance of almost $50 per week.
  • Do you want to learn Spanish or brush up on your language skills? If available near your placement, assistance can be provided in identifying suitable language lessons. The cost of the language classes is not included in your program fee.
  • Exclusive teaching materials written by GeoVisions that you can print out and take with you.  Plus your free Premium subscription to the ESL Lounge provides many items to help you with your conversations such as worksheets, flash cards and games.
  • Personalized help with lesson plans through our Help Me Teach desk. Having lesson plans is important and the most frequently requested assistance we receive. Some tutors just don’t know where to start and need help identifying what to teach according to the ages of the family members.  We are here to provide that assistance FREE.
  • You “meet” your family in advance through email, phone calls or Skype. Each family is interviewed by in-country staff and screened.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Sharing your language with your host family. You should work out your schedule with your host family in advance or immediately upon arrival.  Your primary reason for being there is to provide conversation in English and to provide childcare for the children.  The family knows that and they are expecting you to set the teaching schedule in advance and bring materials with you that will help the children learn conversational English.  This is your responsibility.  They are expecting to take the lead from you.
  • Help take care of the school-aged children which may include walking the children to school or being home when the children arrive home from school; preparing a meal for the children or a snack; and helping them with their homework.
  • Tutoring and caring for children is for a total of 20 hours each week.  You will be asked to watch the children in the evenings, no more than twice a week.  The schedule can be arranged in advance or upon arrival. Receive €40 per week spending money.
  • Help with general household tidiness (helping set and clear the table, keeping your room neat, etc). You will not help in any domestic work, but will help out more as another family member such as helping with menus, setting and clearing the table at meals or tidying your own room.
  • Using GeoVisions’ teaching materials, your free subscription to the online ESL Lounge along with your creativity, provide creative, fun and informative language sessions.
  • Assist the Spanish family with conversational English.
  • Help develop activities, games, lessons for the children.
  • You must have a lot of your own initiative to make the activities interesting and fun.
  • Respect the host family’s rules and habits.
  • Manage your own personal expenses (telephone bills, clothing, entertainment and spending money).  Sleeping late everyday, spending your days in your room and not being accessible to the family is not respectful.  Nor is it respectful to be on the Internet, your iPad or cell phone most of the time.
What You Get For Your Program Fee
  • Personalized placement through our partner in Spain.
  • A comfortable, safe place to live in Spain, including three meals per day when you are with your host family.
  • An experienced U.S. based GeoVisions Program Manager who will serve as your coordinator and liaison with our in-country staff in Spain.
  • In-country basic language assistance.
  • Professional, locally-based staff to provide orientation, supervision and guidance throughout your stay. In some instances due to location, it may be necessary to receive orientation by telephone or may require you to travel a short distance to the office to receive orientation there if you want it.
  • Pre-departure materials.
  • A toll-free 24-hour emergency hotline in the U.S. Call collect from Spain.
  • Our own manual, A Tutor’s Guide–Teaching English To Families and Children, which you download and take with you to Spain.
  • Premium online membership at the ESL-Lounge for access to game, flash-cards, worksheets.
  • Unlimited access to GeoVisions’ exclusive Help Me Teach desk, to assist you with ideas that relate to your situation.

  • This program is available year round.

  • 20 hours per week.  Remember … some AuPair duties and some tutoring English duties in the 20 hours each week!

  • A formal orientation is not given. Our local office in Spain is always available to assist you there.

  • Basic knowledge of Spanish is needed.

  • If available near your placement, assistance can be provided in identifying suitable language lessons. The cost of the language classes is not included in your program fee.

  • 18+

  • All around Spain.

  • Not included.

  • No visa is needed for this program.  You will arrive on a Tourist Visa.

  • Your health and safety during your GeoVisions program is of critical importance to the success of the program. Access to appropriate, immediate and excellent health care keeps you safe, healthy and participating on the program.

    Extensive medical and accident insurance along with emergency evacuation, baggage loss and delay, trip delay and LiveTravel™ emergency assistance is included for US citizens as long as you are on the program.

    Under the current insurance laws in the United States, we are unable to insure participants outside the US on our policy, which we have obtained from Travel Guard. However, if you live outside the US we hope you will still participate with us. You will need to scan your proof of insurance and send it to us.

    Yeah. We know. These laws make no sense to us either.

  • When you arrive in Spain, you may be picked up by your host family at the airport. If they live too far away, you may be asked to take a train and the family would pick you up at the station. Either way, your arrival date and pickup details are coordinated in advance.

  • Not included.

  • You will stay with a host family and have a private bedroom.

  • Three meals per day are included when you are with your host family. When you are traveling on your own or outside the home, meals are not provided.

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