Paid Teacher In South Korea

Paid Teacher In South Korea

Paid teaching jobs for degree and non-degree holders.

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Many of us look for an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. Still others look for an alternative to the traditional post-graduate employment path. Teach English in South Korea with GeoVisions, and weave those opportunities into the fabric of your daily life. GeoVisions offers paid teaching positions for university graduates or current classroom teachers looking to share their language and culture while immersing themselves in new communities around the world.

English is the international language for commerce and industry. As a native English speaker you can become an asset to educational establishments by improving the standard of English in Korea. You will also be enriching the lives of your students and helping your new host community.

When you teach English in South Korea, it is a full time teaching position with a full salary, benefits included housing and airfare allowance. You may apply at anytime during the calendar year if you are a degree holder. For degree holders, we accept applications each month throughout the calendar year.  We have hundreds of great paying full time teaching jobs in Korea each month. For degree holders the minimum salary is $20,000 US per year and experienced teachers can earn up to $27,000.  For non degree holders, the annual salary is $15,600 but you work only around 18 hours each week.  You will also receive round trip air transportation.  It is not rare to receive a $2,000 end of contract bonus to cover your return flight home.

As a native speaker you can become an asset to educational establishments by improving the standard of English in Korea. Teach English in South Korea and take advantage of an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, while experiencing the rich culture of the Eastern world. Placements for the Teach in Korea program are currently in the country’s private schools for degree holders.  School begins in late August. From Mid-December to the end of January is winter vacation (for middle and high school). Spring vacation runs for a week in late February. Summer vacation is mid-July to mid-August. Teachers are paid during these holidays.

Application Deadline Job openings available each month. Check with us. This deadline changes with Government dates.
Minimum Age 21 19
Orientation Included. 40 hour online before
arrival and 3 consecutive weekends
after arrival.
Included. 40 hour online before
arrival and 3 consecutive weekends
after arrival.
Salary Annual salary of US$20,000-$27,000
based on 30 hours per week
(6 days per week).
Annual salary of US $15,600
based on 18-22 hours per
week (6 days per week).
Teaching Jobs Private and Public schools. Public schools.
TESOL or TEFL You can take those courses online or in a city near you. You can take those courses online or in a city near you.

Non-degree holders have the requirement of obtaining your TEFL or TESOL before arriving in South Korea.

Minimum Contract One Year One Year


Non-degree holders need at least two years of University or “advanced” education in some form. This is perfect for a Gap Year experience or a college year abroad if you are a college student. College students are welcome to apply if you want a year off and want to get paid.

  • If you are a native English speaker and you have a desire to live and teach in one of the most sought after destinations for English teachers, this is your opportunity. If you want to earn a competitive salary and make a difference in the lives of others and in a community … you’ve come to the right place.

  • Teaching English in South Korea can be the start of a lucrative, professional career path as well as your chance to gain international experience! This experience will be useful in your home country upon your return from South Korea by giving you an edge over applicants with no classroom experience.

    Getting paid to teach English full time in South Korean schools can be an excellent alternative to the traditional post-graduate employment path. It is also an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, while experiencing the rich culture of Southeast Asia.

    Before you depart for South Korea, you will take a unique, one-week online course to receive your Certificate Of Korean Cultural Foundation. The course and the Certificate are included in the placement fee.

    If you are graduating with a degree in Education and you’re having trouble finding a job … we have hundreds.  And we need you!  Teach full time, earn a salary with benefits and build up your resume.  When you’re finished in South Korea you can come home and find a job.  And with classroom teaching experience … you go to the top of the list of job candidates.

  • Yes! Think about traveling with a friend or two. While we may not be able to place you in the same town or school, with enough time we can get you close! Plus you have weekends to travel together.
  • 1 - year. It is possible to renew your contact for a second year if you like. There is no additional fee if you extend your contract.
  • $1,889
  • Your salary is based on what the school can afford combined with your teaching experience and degree. You may decline a placement and we will provide more for you.

    Furnished housing is included along with reimbursed airfare, paid holidays and health insurance coverage for the duration of your teaching contract. There is likely a “contract completion bonus” that you will receive as well.

    If you have a degree:  This is a full time paid teaching position with an annual salary of US$20,000-$27,000 based on 30 hours per week (6 days per week).
    If you don’t have a degree:  This is a full time paid teaching position with an annual salary of US$15,600 based on 18-22 hours per week (6 days per week).

    Surprisingly, when teach in Korea program fees and other expenses paid are compared with salaries and the lower cost of living, teachers abroad earn more than they spend.

    Did you know that being a teacher in South Korea is one of the most affordable ways to experience international travel even if you have to pay program fees and flight expenses?

    To see how the math works, press the red button below. See for yourself that being a teacher in South Korea can be one of the most affordable ways to experience international education, work and travel, while having the experience of a lifetime!

    How Much Do I Really Make?

Over the years we have met teachers who have had horrible experiences when they think they are going into a fantastic overseas teaching job only to find out they are not going to a real school, but a corporate school and not a true International school. They have been caught in a signed contract without having visited the school or met the administrators. Where do they turn without a support team who’s only job is to look out for you? At GeoVisions, we have pre-screened the school and the position and in most cases, we have placed teachers at that school before. We make sure you’re being paid the highest salary possible. We help you with your formal documents and we make sure your new school is ready to receive you.

Most schools in Korea place the upper age limit for visiting teachers at 45, but there may be a subtle age bias towards younger teachers. However, if you are active, vibrant, energetic and a creative educator who loves being around young people, you will be able to secure a job.

GeoVisions accepts only native English speakers for this opportunity.
  • Minimum of a Bachelors Degree from an accredited university in the U.S. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain or Ireland for enrollment year round.
  • Non-degree holders may apply by December 15 each year. Non degree holders need a minimum of two years of university or “advanced” education.
  • Must be a citizen of one of the above mentioned countries.
  • Must be a native English speaker.
  • Must be in good physical and mental health.
  • No criminal record (Check needed for visa purposes).
  • Must be between 21 and 45. The minimum age for non-degree holders is 19.
  • No experience necessary.
  • You do not need to know any Korean.
  • Teaching certificate and experience preferred but not required. Non-degree holders need some type of formal training or some college or other education experience.
  • For degree holders, any degree welcomed but preference given to education and English majors.
  • Positions are for one-year contracts, available on an ongoing basis.
  • Completion of a TESOL or TEFL course is required.  The course can be completed during the application process.
Teaching Responsibilities
  • Teaching English in a classroom setting, working to improve students listening and speaking skills. No Korean is allowed to be spoken in the English classrooms.  There will be plenty of other opportunities to brush up and improve your Korean.
  • Prepare in-class activities focused on language development such as dialogues, games, pronunciation and grammar activities, songs, role-playing and conversation groups.
  • Plan lessons and presentations to your class.
  • Attend some faculty meetings.
  • Help plan and implement some extra-curricular activities (after-school English clubs, art projects, sporting activities etc.)
Mandatory Documents Include
  • Original degree or letter of completion from university or college. Non-degree holders need to provide evidence of two completed years of college.
  • Sealed transcripts
  • Passport
  • Government issued criminal background check
  • Letters of reference
  • TESOL or TEFL certification
  • Video of introduction and short lesson
  • Resume and cover letter

  • New sessions begin in February and September.  We do have openings each month, so teachers can apply anytime during the year.

  • Approximately 30+ hours/week (6 days/week) if you are a degree holder and 18-22 hours a week (6 days/week) if you are a non-degree holder.

  • INCLUDED.  Our new 40-hour online Cultural Foundation Course provides in-depth training on history, culture, language, life style, and how to be successful living and working in South Korea. Taught via interactive online platform, this course provides a great opportunity to meet other teachers. A certificate is provided upon successful completion of the course. Formal orientation is then given when you arrive in South Korea over the course of 3 consecutive weekends.

  • Native English speakers only may apply for this opportunity.

  • Language training is available with an online cultural foundation course.

  • 21-45 years of age.  If you are over 45, give us a call.  Sometimes we can place you … it just takes longer.

    Non-degree holders have a minimum age of 19.

  • Placements are throughout Korea. Mainly in major cities. Non degree holders are generally placed in schools in smaller cities.

  • Flights are provided by your school. (Depending on the school, flights may need to be paid for upfront and then you would be reimbursed.)

  • Not Included. You will receive everything you need to apply for your visa.

  • Your continued good health and safety during your time abroad is of critical importance to GeoVisions, and to the success of the program.

    With the new healthcare and insurance laws in the United States, GeoVisions cannot legally provide travel, health and accident insurance on our group plan for any participant who resides outside the US. If that is you, we hope you will still participate with us. We struggle to understand these insurance laws in our country every day.

    For US Citizens, GeoVisions has arranged accident and health insurance services through STA Travel.  You will be sent details of the plan appropriate to you before departure.  Please read the information about the plan carefully.

    If you reside outside the US, please find out if your current health insurance plan covers you when you travel. If it does not, you will need to purchase an insurance plan separately. Then, simply send us a scan or photo of your insurance card. It’s that simple. And for the record, we don’t understand or agree with these laws either.

    GeoVisions takes your health very seriously. We have specially trained staff on duty 24 hours a day, 7-days a week to assist you wherever you are.

  • Not included.

  • Not included.

  • INCLUDED.  Furnished housing is included in your contract.

  • Not included.

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