Camp Counselor In Myanmar – 4-Weeks

Camp Counselor In Myanmar – 4-Weeks

“Quite unlike any place you know about.” - Rudyard Kipling

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As a summer camp counselor in Myanmar (Burma), GeoVisions’ language camps provide English language education to disadvantaged youth and give them an opportunity to learn an important skill that they can use to better their lives.

The program starts and ends in Yangon.  You will travel to the language camps over a three week period. You’ll see almost all of Central and Southern Myanmar in that amount of time. Play hard, teach English 4 or 5 days, and take 2 or 3 days of rest and relaxation before setting off again to another camp and to see more of Myanmar.

Even though it is no longer the nation’s official capital, Yangon – formerly Rangoon – remains Myanmar’s largest and most commercially important city. Its downtown skyline is dominated by the ‘winking wonder’ of Shwedagon Paya, a dazzling Buddhist temple that attracts pilgrims from all over the world.

Becoming a summer camp counselor in Myanmar (Burma) is not only highly rewarding, it’s a lot of fun. In Myanmar, GeoVisions’ language camps provide English language education to disadvantaged youth and give them an opportunity to learn an important skill that they can use to better their lives. Mostly taking place in and around schools, these language camps offer students a chance to practice their English in a more creative setting of activities and learning that make the day a lot more fun.

During the camp days you will participate in many creative activities using art and music with the children.  You will also have time for plenty of exercise playing games during activity time.

This is not something you will do and then come home and forget. This experience will last a lifetime. In fact, this experience will play an enormous role as you design your future. And GeoVisions invests in your future. How? We provide stellar service, and we are with you at every step, even when you’re in Myanmar. We provide free membership in the ESL Lounge, where you can download and use flash cards and worksheets to help you teach English to the students at these remote schools. These tools vary from Pre-K all the way through Business-English. Our investment is in you and your future, along with providing a unique experience. Around our office we are fond of saying, “No landmark beats a life changing experience.”

Now is the moment to visit this extraordinary land, scattered with gilded pagodas, where the traditional ways of Asia endure and areas previously off-limits are opening up.

Myanmar is a nation with well over 100 ethnic groups. In the month you are there, you will find exploring can often feel like you’ve stumbled into a living edition of the National Geographic, circa 1910! People still get around in trishaws and, in rural areas, horse and cart. Drinking tea – a British colonial affectation – is enthusiastically embraced in thousands of traditional teahouses.

Best of all you’ll encounter locals who are gentle, humorous, engaging, considerate, inquisitive and passionate – they want to play a part in the world, and to know what you make of their world. Now is the time to make that connection.

  • Do you love working with children? Are you physically fit and enjoy travel? If you have wanted to travel to Myanmar (Burma) and provide a much-needed service of teaching English to school children in language day camps … this program is for you.

  • Participating as a summer language camp counselor traveling through Myanmar will be huge milestones on your resume, that you can use when you get home for advancement.

  • Consider traveling with a friend or as a couple. All of our summer camp programs are perfect for friends or small groups.
  • 4 Weeks
  • $1,619
  • After completing the camp you may receive a “Thank You” gift of around $100 US.

This is our first summer offering language camps in Myanmar.  Until these counselors this summer return, please read the independent reviews about our similar camps in Thailand.


  • All counselors will participate in a pre-departure online orientation to get you ready for teaching at the camps.
  • All counselors will have an onsite orientation when the group arrives in Yangon.
  • Orientation and accommodations are included in the program fee.
  • Counselors will have the opportunity to help disadvantaged youth learn an extremely important skill of speaking English.
  • Accommodations are provided and based on single or double occupancy, depending on each camp. Counselors will be placed with another counselor of the same gender. Counselors must pay electricity and water charges.
  • Counselors receive transportation and accommodation when traveling and conducting camps in different regions.

Counselors will arrive in Yangon and check into apartment accommodations.

Counselors will travel to different schools and locations throughout Myanmar and participate in English camps for disadvantaged children. Camp counselors will work three to four days a week, but workdays will vary depending on camp schedules. It is the perfect way to explore central and southern Myanmar.

  • Work up to four or five days each at each camp program.
  • Show care with the children; interact with them in a professional manner.
  • Be respectful of GeoVisions’ rules and requirements, as well as the local culture.
  • Follow the detailed rules set out in the GeoVisions Terms and Conditions document, which must be signed and returned before beginning the camp program.

  • Applicants must be either native English speakers or good English speakers.
  • You must be in good physical and mental health.
  • You must be aged 18+.
  • You will need to provide 3 to 5 photos of yourself.
  • Resume.
  • A local criminal background check since you’re working with children.

  • Airport Pickup and drop off at the end of camp if Yangon (provided applicant lands within the arrival guidelines).
  • Welcome dinner.
  • All meals are provided during camp days.
  • All accommodations during the program. You must pay a deposit.
  • Online orientation and orientation onsite.
  • Transportation to and from camps.
  • Accident and health insurance.
  • $100 when the program ends as a “Thank You.”

  • Flights.
  • Visa.
  • Dinners and all meals when not at camp.
  • Accommodations before or after the program.
  • Extra luggage fees.
  • Entertainment.

  • July 4, 2016 to July 30, 2016.

  • The camps will be spaced out over the 4 weeks with 1-3 days in Yangon for some down time and the other days at the camp locations.  Camp days are usually 6-8 hours per day.

    Some camps may be at schools – you will need to wear “teacher clothes.”  Some camps may just require long pants and shoulders covered, but athletic clothes are appropriate for several of the camps.  Prior to departure we will let you know exactly what you will need for each location.

  • Prior to arrival you must complete an online orientation to prepare for teaching at English camps. This is provided free.  Upon arrival there will be orientation in Yangon with the entire group.

  • You must be an English speaker. If you are a native speaker you will automatically qualify. If you are not we will need to interview you and have you take a quick English test. Depending on the interview and test score you could qualify for this experience.

  • 18+

  • Day 1-5: Arrive in Yangon. Move in to apartments. Guided tour of the famous Shwedagon Pagoda. Welcome dinner of Myanmar traditional food. Visit Myanmar orphanage and nunnery for English Camps.

    Day 6-7: Break/Free Time

    Day 8 Travel to Mandalay

    Day 9-10 English Camp in Mandalay

    Day 11-12 Break/Free Time.

    Day 13-15 English camp in Pyin-O-Lwin, Shan State

    Day 16 Break/Free Time

    Day 17 Travel to Lashio

    Day 18-19 English camp in Lashio, Shan State

    Day 20 Break/Free time in Lashio

    Day 21 Travel to Taunggyi, lower Shan State

    Day 22-24 English Camp in Tunggyi

    Day 25-27 Trip to the world famous Inle Lake

    Day 28 Travel to Yangon

    Day 29 Depart for home country

    During the camp we will have trips to Swedagon Pagoda and Inle Lake, as well as local activities in the various towns we visit to do English Camps.

  • Not included.  Arrive Yangon, Myanmar.

  • Not included.  Business Visa on Arrival.  We will provide all of the paper work.  Cost of Visa is USD 50.

  • Your continued good health and safety during your time abroad is of critical importance to GeoVisions, and to the success of the program.

    With the new healthcare and insurance laws in the United States, GeoVisions cannot legally provide travel, health and accident insurance on our group plan for any participant who resides outside the US. If that is you, we hope you will still participate with us.

    For US Citizens, GeoVisions has arranged accident and health insurance services through iNext/Nationwide.  You will be sent details of the plan appropriate to you before departure.  Please read the information about the plan carefully.

    If you reside outside the US, please find out if your current health insurance plan covers you when you travel. If it does not, you will need to purchase an insurance plan separately. Then, simply send us a scan or photo of your insurance card. It’s that simple. And for the record, we don’t understand or agree with these laws either.

    GeoVisions takes your health very seriously. We have specially trained staff on duty 24 hours a day, 7-days a week to assist you wherever you are.

  • Included.

  • Not included.

  • Accommodation included throughout may be single or double accommodation depending on the camp location.  Participants are responsible for water and electric usage for their accommodation.

  • All meals are provided during the camp days.

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