Teach English In Costa Rica

Teach English In Costa Rica

Volunteer to teach English in the ‘City of Presidents and Poets’.

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Teach English in Costa Rica and live like a local for 1 to 2 months. Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before!  The local group you’re teaching English to (and your host family) is more interested in learning conversational English than they are grammar.

You will have so much fun living in Costa Rica by simply speaking English the way you normally do at home and sharing that with an interested group each week along with your host family. In addition, you also have a unique opportunity to improve your Spanish! In a matter of hours you are walking around your new community like a true Tico. It won’t take long for the locals to start recognizing you and for you to consider your host community your new home.  It’s real and authentic. Get to know the locals.  Wake up each day and feel a connection. Most of all, make a difference in your host community.

Who am I teaching?

You will be teaching English to a local group of citizens who want to improve their conversational English.  The class meets in a local classroom, usually 4-6 days a week and normally on Tuesdays through Saturdays.  You would have Sundays and Mondays off.  This group would be asking for 5-8 hours a week from you.

Then, if you’re living with a host family rather than the local hostel, you will tutor the family in Conversational English about 10 hours a week, usually around meal times with the entire family.

Where will I be teaching?

You will volunteer to teach English in the colonial town of San Ramón.  It is no wallflower in the pageant of Costa Rican history. The ‘City of Presidents and Poets’ has sent five men to the country’s highest office, including ex-president Rodrigo Carazo, who built a tourist lodge a few kilometers to the north of where you will live and teach.  Another of Costa Rica’s beloved presidents, José Figueres Ferrer, is paid respect in an edifying culture and history culture center just north of the city’s central park.

  • At a minimum, be 20 years of age. We also place a lot of mature travelers looking for a different way to travel and connect with new people and explore different cultures.
  • Be a native English speaker.
  • Hold a passport from the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand or Australia.
  • Speak conversational English up to 15-20 hours each week the way you normally would.
  • If you are living with a host family, schedule a few times each week for a few classes, mostly during meal times.
What you receive
  • Personalized placement with a screened host family. Or, for an optional fee, a private room in a local hostel.  In other words, a place to call home in Central America.  Our unique matching system ensures a great fit.
  • If you are staying in a host family, a comfortable private bedroom for the duration of the program and 2 home-cooked meals each day except when you’re traveling.
  • If you choose to stay in a hostel, a private room for the duration of your stay. No meals are included in this plan.
  • Your Spanish improves because of the immersion. You are now a local.
  • Local office support in Costa Rica.
  • Our own mobile app containing all of your pre-departure materials, our own manual, A Tutor’s Guide–Teaching English To Families and Children, and comprehensive ESL worksheets and games.

  • Absolutely! Explore Costa Rica with friends! Bring as many friends as you like. Make a lasting difference and enjoy Costa Rica with friends and family!
  • 4 and 8 week teaching programs.
  • $1,299 one month and $1,499 two months. Includes 2 meals daily. Add $300 per month for a private room if you prefer a hostel. Meals not included.
  • The fee you pay to be a volunteer teacher in Costa Rica goes to our 501(c)(3) non-profit company, The GeoVisions Foundation.  The program donation for this experience covers our costs of placing you on the program in a safe host family and neighborhood. The fee helps us in providing your accommodation, meals, insurance, pre-departure & in-country support. We provide 24/7 emergency service, manned by real people. We update our tutor materials and tutoring aids constantly and provide a real ESL Teacher who is here via email to give you personalized assistance if you feel you need ideas. You are supported from the moment you contact us to the time you return … and beyond, through our active Alumni Community. You’re not a customer.  You join our family. Be sure to speak to your tax preparer to see if any of these fees can be deducted as a charitable donation.

What are the benefits of this experience?
  • A second home with new friends.
  • You are more independent and confident.
  • Your Spanish improves because of the immersion. You are now a local.
  • New interests discovered and experienced.
  • Your organizational and creative skills are put to the test.
  • Get to know yourself better.
  • You are helping your host family realize their goals of speaking English. You will make a lasting and sustainable impression.
  • Add an international reference to your resume which helps with future job applications because of your experience teaching English in Costa Rica.
  • The opportunity to live with a local host family or a local hostel for more independence.
What’s Included?
  • Personalized placement with a screened host family. Or, for an optional fee, a private room in a local hostel.  In other words, a place to call home in Central America.  Our unique matching system ensures a great fit.
  • A comfortable private bedroom for the duration of the program.
  • 2 home-cooked meals each day with your host family, except when you’re traveling.
  • Local office support in Costa Rica.
  • Pre-departure materials.
  • Comprehensive medical insurance if you’re from the US.
  • Our own manual, A Tutor’s Guide–Teaching English To Families and Children, which you download and take with you to Costa Rica if you want.
  • Our ESL-Lounge for access to games, flash-cards, and worksheets.
  • Private Language Tutor experience to enhance your resume.
  • Full immersion Spanish language through your host family.
What’s Not Included:
  • Your flight to Costa Rica.
  • Any Visa fee as you enter Costa Rica.
  • Meals when you travel or go out on your own.
  • Spending money for personal expenses, when you travel or optional activities.
How does GeoVisions choose families in Costa Rica?

Host families contact us because they want to provide room and board to a native English speaker who will help them with their conversational English.  When there are children in the family, mostly they need help with their English homework, but many times the adults want to join in as well.

Families, like you, are screened. They have to show a need and a desire to host an English tutor.  And they have to pass a background check, an interview by staff in Costa Rica and agree to a home inspection and provide photos of the home (inside and out).  Tutors are promised their own private room but there are times a bathroom might be shared. Families provide meals except when the tutor is traveling.

An ex-pat group of Americans have set up the daily and weekly English classes when you’re teaching to your group.  These are local citizens who really want to improve their English, and the classes are a lot of fun.

Does GeoVisions provide materials to help me be successful? How am I supported?

Not only do we provide our own book, A Tutor’s Guide–Teaching English to Families and Children (this is included in our mobile app), you receive FREE teaching materials through our mobile app.  We employ a full time ESL Teacher, right here on staff. Betsy is here for you before you depart and while you’re abroad. Email Help Me Teach (or chat with Betsy with our mobile app). She will answer your questions and provide detailed and personalized ideas to help you be successful.

Can I choose my location?

The location for this program is set, because of the English classes that are already set up in San Ramon.

What if I don’t like my placement when I arrive or I have host family issues? Can I move?

Before you depart, we connect you via email, phone and Skype with your new host family. You’ll have all the details you want before you ever leave home.  GeoVisions spends a great deal of time on match-making. There needs to be a “connection” between you and your host family.

After you arrive if you begin having issues with your host family, we have a way to start the process to fix things or, change your placement, if necessary. This is extremely rare, but we’ve done this long enough to know things can come up on all sides.

Can I be placed with someone? I’d like to travel with a friend.

On this program we do have host families who are happy to host you and your friend.  If we don’t have such a host family at the time you apply, we will certainly have other host families in the same vicinity and so you can see each other and teach together each day. Give us a call and ask.

  • 2018 dates:
    August 25th or 26th

    2019 dates:
    March 4th
    April 29th
    August 19th
    September 23rd

    Our deadline for processing your application for this program is 45-days before one of the intake dates above.

  • 15 hours/week (10 with the host family and 5 with the conversation groups).  4-6 days/week (most likely Tuesday through Saturday with Sun/Mon off).  Exact days/time to be set up with host family and conversation group leaders.

  • INCLUDED.  Orientation will be provided in San Ramon which includes a city tour.

  • Basic Spanish is required. Spanish language classes can be set up once in Costa Rica. You will pay any fees for classes directly to the language school in Costa Rica.

  • Optional Spanish courses are available at an additional expense. But don’t forget, this is an immersion program.  You’re going to learn a lot of Spanish living with your host family.

  • 21+.  (Mature adults are very welcome to participate.)

  • San Ramon, Costa Rica is located about 45 miles from the country’s capital city of San José and a 40 minute drive from San Jose’s main airport. The population of San Ramon is around 11,000 without taking into account the many adjoining neighborhoods and towns.

  • Not included.

  • Not included, but generally a visa is not required in advance.  You will enter Costa Rica as a tourist, which is valid up to 90 days.

  • Your continued good health and safety during your time abroad is of critical importance to GeoVisions, and to the success of the program.

    With the new healthcare and insurance laws in the United States, GeoVisions cannot legally provide travel, health and accident insurance on our group plan for any participant who resides outside the US. If that is you, we hope you will still participate with us. We struggle to understand these insurance laws in our country every day.

    For US Citizens, GeoVisions has arranged accident and health insurance services through STA Travel.  You will be sent details of the plan appropriate to you before departure.  Please read the information about the plan carefully.

    If you reside outside the US, please find out if your current health insurance plan covers you when you travel. If it does not, you will need to purchase an insurance plan separately. Then, simply send us a scan or photo of your insurance card. It’s that simple. And for the record, we don’t understand or agree with these laws either. We will provide you a list of organizations in your country to obtain low-cost travel and accident insurance.

    GeoVisions takes your health very seriously. We have specially trained staff on duty 24 hours a day, 7-days a week to assist you wherever you are.

  • Included.

  • Not included.

  • You can stay with a local host family (included in the program fee).  If you prefer to stay in a hostel, arrangements can be made with an additional cost (shared and single rooms are usually available).($300/month for a shared room at the hostel.)

  • Three meals each day are included when you are at the host family. When you are out on your own or traveling, you will need to provide your own meals. If you choose to stay at the hostel, meals are not provided.

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