Geovisions-SeekExperiencesWhat is your purpose? Why do you get out of bed in the morning?

At GeoVisions, we are constantly examining our purpose so we can articulate why we do what we do, why our company even exists and why that should matter to anyone else. We believe experiences are more important than landmarks. Through our hashtag #SeekExperiences, our goal is to build upon the community that already lives through our thousands of fans and network of alumni, volunteers and teachers.

We are already a community, so let’s build a movement together!

As we seek out experiences through travel, teaching, volunteering and living abroad, let’s inspire others to do the same! Please find our community on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook through the hashtag #SeekExperiences. We’ll be featuring YOUR photos and stories through the posts that are tagged!

She Seeks 2

Our community is full of incredible people. It is also filled with incredible women. Many people consider women who choose to travel, backpack or hike solo as unwise and declare that they are making dangerous and reckless choices.

Women who travel solo and seek out adventure on their own should not be scrutinized; they should feel empowered to make these decisions that lead to invaluable life experiences.  The inherent risk that is taken in traveling solo shouldn’t be limited to women and it certainly shouldn’t prevent women from embarking on the journey they feel called to take. The answer to encouraging more women to travel or hike alone safely is through education, preparation and making the destination an overall safer place.

We are not only encouraging, but championing women that choose to travel solo by building a woman-only social community through the hashtag #SheSeeks.

We celebrate solo women travelers and we want to share your journey and adventures with everyone else that are part of the GeoVisions family and beyond!

By sharing your photos and experiences with the #SheSeeks community on social media, you’ll not only be inspiring other women and girls to travel alone, but you’ll also be part of changing the status quo.

Whether you use #SeekExperiences, #SheSeeks or both, we are encouraging everyone to get involved with this movement and inspire others to travel with purpose. You do not need to be a current or past GeoVisions participant to engage with #SeekExperiences or #SheSeeks – our goal is to inspire everyone, even if you are traveling domestically, even if you are just exploring a new part of your neighborhood. Help us create a movement. Share your journey with us and help us show the world that experiences are more important than landmarks!