Work and Travel STUDENT CENTRAL is YOUR place to visit for essential information that will help you have a great experience in the United States on your Work and Travel program.

Information on this page will constantly change. Some of the information is important orientation information … some documents are from the State Department … some information is helpful for your travel plans or for your cultural immersion and discovery … some links we hope are just fun!

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STUDENT ORIENTATION – Your agent in your home country helped prepare you for your visit to the USA. Click on the Online Orientation link here to view a quick presentation you can download and view on your computer.

STUDENT HANDBOOK– All the information you need. Read just the section you want, or the whole brochure.

STUDENT FAQ’S – Bits of the Student Handbook, but in Q&A format.

PROHIBITED JOBS – Don’t even THINK of working at these jobs!

MINIMUM WAGE INFORMATION – Exchange Visitors on the Summer Work and Travel Program must be paid a wage similar to Americans working with similar experience working in similar positions.  Your host employer must pay you the greater of the Federal Minimum Wage ($7.25 per hour) or the minimum wage for the state in which you are working.  Click HERE to see the chart of state minimum wages.

INSURANCE INFORMATION – Don’t get ill or injured, please … but if you do, your insurance cover will get you through any problems. Some students may have insurance provided by their home country agents, but most students are covered by GeoVisions insurance. If you need to know how to use your insurance, this is your resource.

TRANSPORTATION SAFETY INFORMATION – Getting around as a Work and Travel Student can be a challenge, and can be a bit dangerous at times.  Here is a video created by GeoVisions and some other J-1 sponsors to help you stay safe while you travel to your job and local activities. You can watch the video below by clicking on the play button, or if you prefer to watch a larger version of this video, click HERE and the video will open in your Browser.

LETTER TO GIVE TO YOUR EMPLOYER – Most employers know enough about the Work and Travel Program to get your paycheck right, but you can also give your employer this letter if he or she needs more information about hiring you.


WELCOME LETTER FROM THE STATE DEPARTMENT– The Director of all the student exchange programs in the USA, gives you some thoughts about your program.

WELCOME BROCHURE FROM THE STATE DEPARTMENT – Some dos and don’ts to enhance your exchange program experience.

INFORMATION ON HUMAN TRAFFICKING WARNING – Work and Travel is a great program, but there are some criminal elements that have tried to take advantage of students. This is a good warning to read, and if you sense anything suspicious, please let us know.