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11 Oct 2015

Tutor Abroad: A New Lease on Life

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Hi! My name is Jo. I’m a happy Aussie who loves to travel and experience to different cultures and attractions of our wide world. I have visited more than 30 countries, with so many more on my wish list! Jo (standing in back) tutored abroad, teaching English to the the Pederiva family, in Spain Firstly, [...]

13 Mar 2015

ESL And Beyond: A Love For Learning Languages

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Graciela Duperrault is originally from Paraguay.  She came to the United States (Wisconsin) when she was 17 as a foreign exchange student.  Her goal was to learn English. But ESL wasn’t enough for Graciela who says, “learning languages is my passion.”   “In college, I always liked foreign languages. I wanted to learn as many [...]

10 Mar 2015

Work Abroad or Play Abroad: Let’s Take A Trip Down Under

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At GeoVisions, we like to toot our own horn and write about our great work abroad programs, like being an au pair in Australia, or teaching in China.  But every now and then, we like to change it up a bit.  So when we heard about Mike and Sherri Everett’s amazing trip to Australia and [...]

3 Mar 2015

Stuck in a Comfort Zone? Try Tutoring Abroad

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The famous philosopher Saint Augustine once said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” Dennis Guseman may not be a philosopher, but he is a professor at California State University San Marcos, and agrees with St. Augustine’s wisdom. He says, "traveling and tutoring abroad lets you learn [...]

25 Feb 2015

Teaching Abroad: For the Young & Young At Heart

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“You should travel abroad right after graduating from college,” is a common phrase I hear from friends, family and professors. People constantly tell me that will be the only time I will have to travel.  After that comes jobs, family and “adult responsibilities.” As a senior at Quinnipiac University, I plan on taking their advice [...]