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14 Nov 2015

Teaching English in Thailand:
Rachel’s Adventures

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Traveling and seeing different parts of the world had always been a fantasy of mine, but it wasn't something I saw happening any time soon.   However, my senior year of college I realized I needed to do something for myself, and if I went straight into a job it would stay that way. I decided  [...]

13 Mar 2015

ESL And Beyond: A Love For Learning Languages

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Graciela Duperrault is originally from Paraguay.  She came to the United States (Wisconsin) when she was 17 as a foreign exchange student.  Her goal was to learn English. But ESL wasn’t enough for Graciela who says, “learning languages is my passion.”   “In college, I always liked foreign languages. I wanted to learn as many [...]

24 Feb 2015

Working Abroad: Leave Your Camera at Home!

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Have you ever tried to capture a moment in your life through a camera? Have you ever wanted to take a perfect photo of your adventure working abroad, so you could remember it forever? For me, capturing that perfect moment usually never happens in one try. I consider the angle, the lighting, the “oh no someone [...]

30 Jan 2015

ESL Jobs Can Create A Tight Family Bond

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I hope I can speak for everyone teaching abroad in Thailand when I say the bond I have formed with other ESL (English as a second language) teachers working in my city will last a lifetime. We all have ESL jobs teaching English in Thailand. I am teaching English in Thailand (Ranong) with 12 other [...]