GeoVisions staff

5 May 2015

GeoVisions & Guilford Welcome Home
An American Idol

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Here at GeoVisions, our passion is sending people to teach English abroad- whether it be Italy, Spain, China or many other places across the world. But we also love our hometown of Guilford, Connecticut and our local celebrities, like Nick Fradiani Jr., an American Idol finalist. GeoVisions Staff get ready to welcome American Idol [...]

3 Feb 2015

Plan To Get Paid To Work Abroad? You Need To Know Jodi

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At GeoVisions, when we place you in a job where you will get paid to work abroad, we don’t party or drink champagne.  (We do that so many times a day we'd be a bit tipsy.)  But this week we do have a great reason to celebrate.  On Monday, Jodi Standrowicz celebrated her fourth anniversary [...]