13 Dec 2016

Taking a Leap of Faith: Au Pair in the Netherlands

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About a year ago I took a leap of faith and got on a plane headed toward Amsterdam to spend a year as an au pair. I had no idea what to expect of my new home since I had never even been overseas. A million different emotions were filling my head: anxiety, anticipation, wonder, [...]

2 Dec 2015

Au Pair in the Netherlands:
Changing Hobbies & Hair

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When you’re home, you go through life and find interests and hobbies that make you who you are.  When you move abroad to become an au pair, sometimes you’re able to take these things with you, and sometimes you lose them.  Things like reading and writing, painting, dancing, yoga… they’re not too hard to bring with [...]

7 Jul 2015

Traveling Abroad: Five Reasons to Love Traveling Alone!

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Going to a foreign country for the first time can be a little intimidating. But going alone can be downright frightening! Whether you're planning to teach abroad in Thailand, au pair in the Netherlands, teach English in Italy, or take advantage of GeoVisions' other great programs, you might be spending some time touring around by [...]

9 Jun 2015

Au Pair in the Netherlands & Be the Next Mary (or Andy!) Poppins

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How many college-age adults do you know who go to sleep at 9 p.m., wake up at 5:30 a.m. and are at work at 6:30 in the morning? Of those few, how many willingly work with over 200 children from sunrise to sunset, five days a week? For two years, that was my life. I [...]