6 Oct 2016

Feeling Right at Home: Tutoring Abroad in France

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My name is Andrew and I was lucky enough to travel to the Bretagne region of France where I stayed with a family in a small town for a month. I owe a lot of this luck to the GeoVisions program, who helped me through each step of the application and gave me all the [...]

31 Mar 2016

Teaching English Abroad in France

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Hi, I am Anand.   I am 21 years old, and from Aukland, New Zealand.  I recently graduated from university and felt like doing something exciting before I am stuck with responsibilities.  The first thing that came to mind was to teaching English abroad while traveling. After some research I came across a webpage called [...]

15 Nov 2015

Teach English Abroad in France: Crepes & Coffee

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Hello, my name is Angelique! I am participating in the GeoVisions volunteer to teach English abroad program in France.  I teach English to a host family in exchange for room and board. I decided to teach English abroad in France because I want to pursue my French studies, and thought this would be an excellent [...]

25 Oct 2015

Au Pair in France: Tears And Travel

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Hello!  My name is Kelsey, I'm 21 and from Ottawa, Canada. I'm a recent University graduate, and like a lot of people just graduating, I needed something to do. A lot of my friends are still in school, I didn't feel like I was ready to get a big girl job. I wanted to travel [...]

12 Sep 2015

Au Pair in France and China:
Julio’s Adventures

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Hello! My name is Julio Cesar Ramirez.  In 2013 I was an Au Pair in France through GeoVisions.  I had such an awesome time that I  decided to do it again- this time in China!  I recently arrived in Shanghai where I met my host family. Julio and a friend, taken during his au [...]

30 Aug 2015

Au Pair in France: Kayla’s Journey

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Hello, my name is Kayla.  I am 22 years old from Ontario, Canada. A few months ago I graduated from five years of University, studying Environment and Business at the University of Waterloo. I discovered GeoVisions a few months before I graduated.  Their user friendly website, and even friendlier staff, made them stand out. I looked [...]

10 Jul 2015

Why I Chose to Teach English Abroad
in France

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Last year before I began my teaching career, I was very unhappy in an administrative retail job that wasn't a fit for me. I knew I wanted to teach; and when I was offered a position teaching middle school in a neighboring town, I was thrilled. Haley with her host family : Caroline (left) [...]

7 Jul 2015

Traveling Abroad: Five Reasons to Love Traveling Alone!

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Going to a foreign country for the first time can be a little intimidating. But going alone can be downright frightening! Whether you're planning to teach abroad in Thailand, au pair in the Netherlands, teach English in Italy, or take advantage of GeoVisions' other great programs, you might be spending some time touring around by [...]

29 May 2015

Teaching English in France: Flash Back Friday

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It’s Flash Back Friday here at GeoVisions!  Recently we checked in with a past participant who was teaching English in France to a host family backed in 2013.  Here’s Dorothy Cammarot’s story. Seeing Paris first-hand is one benefit of teaching English in France Early 2013, Dorothy, who is retired, was on vacation in [...]

19 May 2015

Top Five Reasons To Au Pair in France

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My name is Kelsi and I work as an au pair in France through GeoVisions.  I’ll admit I’m no sage, I have relatively little life experience compared to others, and my advice is probably not that reliable. That, however, does not stop most people from offering their opinion as if it is fact, and it [...]