Walk and Talk

23 Jan 2018

Lessons in Language Barriers: Learning With Patience and Trust

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I will never forget my first glimpse of Spain nearing the end of my 28-hour journey from New Zealand to Madrid. The memory is vivid, for it was the moment everything felt real. Whether it was the Spanish desert, or the airplane breakfast of olives and cheese, I felt engulfed by a new world. Prior [...]

19 Dec 2017

How Three Months In Italy Connected Me To My Culture: Emily’s Story

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I distinctively remember worrying about my Italian language marks and if they were enough to let me graduate University. I had sent out emails and ran to my parents in a panic asking them if I had enough to pass. I'd only done the subject as an easy elective to get me through my music [...]

12 Dec 2017

Traveling Solo Through Europe: Michele’s Story

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I am Michele Kilmer and I am currently teaching abroad in Madrid, Spain as an Au Pair through the Walk and Talk Program with GeoVisions. Since I have been here, I have been traveling solo through Europe. I have been to Paris, Geneva, and London so far. I have already made some amazing memories in the [...]

22 Feb 2017

Learning a Culture Through Language: Discovering the Untranslatable

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The famous Italian filmmaker, Federico Fellini, one said that "a different language is a different vision of life".  Over a year ago I woke up with a restless sensation that was burning inside of me. I felt inpatient to learn Italian, a fourth language for me (after Spanish, my mother language, English and Hebrew).  I [...]

26 Jan 2016

Au Pair in Spain:
Walk & Talk with Julia

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I really had no idea what to expect as an au pair in Spain. I had been to Europe before but never Spain, and three months felt like a long time away from home.  However, I quit my stable job and moved across the Atlantic Ocean from my small Iowa town to the big city of [...]

20 Jan 2016

Work Abroad in Spain: Kendra’s Story

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Hola mis amigos cariños! My name is Kendra from Mesa, Arizona. Adventure is right around the corner with GeoVisions. In my senior year at Arizona State University, I stumbled upon a volunteer abroad flier and was reminded of a dream of mine to visit and live in Spain. I'd been wanting to travel to Spain [...]

15 Dec 2015

Life After Being an Au Pair:
Shanny’s Story

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We spend so much time blogging about our experiences while abroad- the food, the people, and the destinations. But what about when you return home? What happens when you are done teaching abroad in Thailand? When you say goodbye to your host family you worked as an au pair for? When your internship in Ireland [...]

19 Jul 2015

Work Abroad: Walk and Talk in Italy with Shanny

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For me, coming to Italy to work abroad was not only to get a job or to be involved in a cultural exchange. It was proof that I can get what I want if I really work for it -- a dream come true. Despite having a lot of experience living abroad, Shanny decided [...]

10 Jul 2015

Work Abroad: Walk And Talk in Italy with Makayla

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The start to my adventure began in Twin Falls, Idaho. I was attending college and a study abroad booth was set up. I went to go check it out. I never thought I would travel, but it wouldn’t hurt to dream. So I got all of the information and just went to class, not even [...]

24 Mar 2015

Work Abroad After College, And Have Fun!

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Hello Future World Travelers! My name is Mikayla and I’m currently living in the Las Matas area of Madrid, Spain.  I recently graduated from Arizona State University and decided to work abroad after college.  I chose GeoVisions’ Walk And Talk program in Spain primarily because this is my very first time abroad.  (Walk and Talk [...]