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14 Jun 2017

Teaching Abroad in South Korea: From Dream to Reality

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I opened my browser and typed the words “teaching abroad in South Korea." This was something I have always fantasized about doing, but never had the courage to take that dream further. For a long time, I dreamt to do something like live and work in a different country, but was also content at the time with living [...]

13 Oct 2016

Unexpected Gifts Found Off the Beaten Path

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Thailand is a place that provides so many incredible gifts to someone. So many unexpected things take place when you live there. Being a teacher in Thailand has been the most rewarding thing I've ever chosen to do. I've been rewarded is so many ways. From the people I've met, the unique culture I've experienced, the [...]

5 Mar 2016

Teaching English in Thailand:
Erin’s Adventures

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Thailand is a really neat place to be. The culture is so rich. Traveling is easy and inexpensive. You can take a bus or plane to pretty much anywhere in Thailand without having to spend much more than $50. You can eat a delicious, filling meal for under $1.  A typical day teaching English in [...]

15 Jan 2016

Teaching English in Thailand:
Connecting With The Culture

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Delicious Thai cuisine. Playful puppies. Exotic elephants. These are just some of the things you will experience while teaching English in Thailand. Sure, you’ll also be busy with lesson plans and students, but GeoVisions believes in having fun while learning about your new culture. We’ve worked with our friends at XploreAsia to put together some [...]

5 Jan 2016

Teaching English in Myanmar:
Sally’s Story

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I was teaching English in Yangon, Myanmar, for eight months, from May to December, 2014. I did my TESOL training in Australia and had very little teaching experience when I went to Myanmar through GeoVisions. I had spent the previous 20 years or so working in business and finance. After I had a vacation in [...]

4 Jan 2016

Paid Teaching Abroad:
Tackling the TESOL Course

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Hi. My name is Amy, and I'm here in Thailand doing the paid teaching abroad program through GeoVisions.  In the States, I have been intermittently working on getting my teaching certificate for a number of years, so have a bit of experience with education and classrooms. TESOL students quickly bond in Asia during their [...]

23 Dec 2015

Teaching English in Thailand:
Taking the TESOL Course

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It didn't take much for me to decide to complete my TESOL course in person. I learn better in the classroom compared to taking a class online, so the choice was very natural for me. Amanda at dinner with a few of her classmates while teaching English in Thailand I highly recommend getting [...]

14 Nov 2015

Teaching English in Thailand:
Rachel’s Adventures

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Traveling and seeing different parts of the world had always been a fantasy of mine, but it wasn't something I saw happening any time soon.   However, my senior year of college I realized I needed to do something for myself, and if I went straight into a job it would stay that way. I decided  [...]

3 Oct 2015

Teaching English in Thailand:
Lessons Learned

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It's almost time for my journey of teaching English in Thailand to come to a close. I can’t believe it's already here! It seems like just yesterday,  I was picked up from the Suvarnabhumi Airport to begin my six months of teaching English in Thailand.   Where has the time gone? In these final weeks, [...]

22 Sep 2015

Teaching English in Thailand:
What to Pack

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Congratulations! You are about to begin your journey to Asia, to the beautiful country of Thailand.  But wait! What are you going to pack?! Don’t worry: our friends at XploreAsia made this great guide for what to pack while teaching English in Thailand. You'll see amazing temples like this while teaching English in Thailand. [...]