Student Exchange

18 Dec 2015

Cuba: Connecting With
People and Culture

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Cuba and the U.S. have agreed to people-to-people exchange as the basis  for American travel in Cuba.  That's my favorite kind of travel. Geovisions and their local partner, Jakera, provide lots of opportunity to get to know Cubans and to learn about their lives. Edith loved meeting with everyday people, while traveling in Cuba [...]

10 Feb 2015

The Mostly Ups (And A Few Downs) Of An Exchange Student

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I walk into McDonalds sobbing. One of my co-workers asks me, “What’s wrong, Carrie?” I manage to squeak out, “Luz Ma went home this morning.” Twenty years later, I remember that day vividly -- dropping our exchange student off at the airport. She was returning to her family in Columbia. But for the past year, [...]