These five volunteer teaching posts are very different from each other, but they share the the same goals.

GeoVisions opens up a world of opportunity to share your love for education and help build a brighter future. If you have the desire to teach English without expecting anything in return, you’re a perfect fit for a volunteer work abroad. Rendering service to people who need to learn or improve their English is a unique experience. GeoVisions offers some of the best volunteer abroad programs you can find today.

If you’re currently a teacher or a retired classroom teacher, we have volunteer teaching posts in France at private schools.  You’ll not only teach students, but French teachers who teach English to their students.

If you’re a teacher, a former teacher or you just want to experience the thrill of teaching (especially in another country), we have classroom teaching positions in Italy.  And if you’ve never taught but this is something you would really like to try … we want to talk to you.

These are two-months minimum and three-months maximum.

And then there are the most unique volunteer teaching spots you have ever seen.  Travel to Myanmar and teach English to Buddhist Monks and Nuns.  Or head to Thailand where you can design your own program and stay from only 9 days to 14 days.

If you’re a teacher, give your professional certification a boost from direct classroom experience.  If you’re not a teacher, take this time to find out if teaching is for you.  Experience the culture, the food and brush up on the language or learn a new language.

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