Welcome To Life Below The Cloud

life below the cloud

A couple of months ago, I requested that our web design team set up a second Blog area on the GeoVisions site to give me a spot to write. Years ago, I wrote the GeoVisions Blog by myself and lacking a lot of direction, it was a “free-form” Blog and I pretty much wrote about whatever was on my mind.

I’m 66 years old.  I’ve put in more than 40 years sending people abroad to volunteer and teach. I caught the fever as a high school English teacher in the seventies, traveling each summer with my students all around Europe.  So for me, life has always been busy below the cloud.  But we hear about so much going on in the cloud and above the cloud these days, I thought

Life Below The Cloud

would be a fun canvass on which to write about a lifetime journey sending so many thousands of people abroad and celebrating all they do.

To be honest, my friend and my business partner, Kevin Morgan actually was the first person at GeoVisions to use the phrase, Life Below The Cloud. We were in a staff meeting about “cloud computing” and keeping our documents “in the cloud” and he looked at me and said, “I feel a lot better having my stuff below the cloud.”

That was years ago and it just stuck with me. And I have to admit, at the speed I travel and invent new programs and at the speed of each passing day as I get older … I’m more and more comfortable below the cloud.

So a few weeks ago I was notified that our design team had finished with my new work area. They found a very cool photo use use as we rolled out this new Blog. They added a side bar that seemed to make sense to me. And after they called to tell me it was ready to go, I decided to have a heart attack. Life Below The Cloud came very close to being Is There Life Above The Cloud? Because it took 7-shocks from the Defibrillator and all the Epinephrine the emergency room team could find to keep me below the cloud.

People have heart attacks everyday.  Colleagues I work with have had heart attacks along with open heart surgery. Others I am very close to are in a fight with cancer. Good friends share with me that they have friends and family in a battle to stay alive or get stronger. And at 66 years of age with many friends, I am finding out you don’t have to be “old” to have this happen to you. You can be a child. A teen. A young adult.

All of us have health. Bad health or excellent health … age is no requirement for either. Age need not apply. Battling allergies or cancer, age makes no choice. All of us can make good, healthy decisions and keep bad health at bay.

Take good care of yourself. Take good care of your family. The earth. Those who inhabit it. If you know something that will help someone else, teach them. If they have something to teach you, listen and learn. Be open. Be deliberate in your day and embrace the good and the bad. Take time for yourself. Spend more time with other people and in other places.

Here’s a challenge. Each Friday night in our home we have family dinner. It’s the one night we insist everyone show up.  We celebrate Shabbat and during the meal we go through each day of our week. What each one of us did for the past seven days. Then we each talk about the best part of our week. We conclude with one kind thing we did for someone during the week. We breeze through the first two parts. And sometimes it takes a long time for all of us to think of something kind we did for another person that week.

I challenge you to make that a focus of your week. It’s only one kind thing! Do it and mention it to others. You never know … you may stir people enough to start a movement!  Right here below the cloud.